Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clean Up

You cannot control the elements, only release them.

But you may tame them if you speak their language.

Fire only understands directness. You must be forward. Subtlety will get you burned. When playing with fire, it is a power play. Fire understands power. You cannot fake power with fire or it will burn you. You must earn its respect with security of being. You cannot kneel, bow, plead, apologize, or abase yourself in the presence of fire.

Earth only understands material gains. It communicates with objects of value and taste (both good taste and good eats). It will listen patiently and you must be patient with it.

The wind loves to communicate. You need to speak to it like it was your friend. Tell it stories. Ask it interesting questions. The wind is always distracted so don’t expect it to stick around.

Water doesn’t understand words, only movement. Water speaks in the movement of its waves and every move you make will move it away from you.

If you reject them, they will not come back. You must let them inside you. They will howl and burn and stuff you up and make you loose and scatter your thoughts to the four corners.

Tame them. Control yourself.

Give thanks. Start a fire. Plant in the earth. Keep the air clean and fragrant. Keep your water clean.

Ask the universe to solve your problems but remember that fire will solve using force, earth will use bribery. Air is the most seductive communicator. Water will not solve your problems, only reveal them.

Water and fire make steam but water can put fire out or fire evaporate water. Earth gives stability to fire if it does not put it out. Fire turns earth into lava so that it can move. Air ignites fire. Fire puts air in motion.

Earth and water make mud. Earth gives water consistency. Water gives earth fluidity. Earth gives air gravity so that it doesn’t fly out into space but air isn’t meant to touch the ground. Air will give earth castles in the sky.

Air gives water something to think about; water allows air to feel.

The universe is a system like your body. The heart pumps your blood while the brain thinks. What are the organs of the universe? What are the organs of your life? Everything has its function in the universe. Everything has a specific function. Everything has a job to do. Let them do their jobs.

Demons are merely angels who aren’t doing their job.

The most important taskmaster is the one who unifies the universe.

If you are not in full agreement with yourself, the magick will never happen.

Pretend you don’t care. Isn’t that the magician’s job? To play make believe?

Enjoy being absent-minded. Practice it. Savor it. What do you have to lose but your mind? What mind you gain in return?

The subconscious is not a junkyard. It is the closest thing to the library of God where all of your secrets are hidden.

Don’t deny your body.

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